Day 2 at Gardeners' World Live: A Blooming Success with Wool Pots

Day 2 of the Gardeners' World Live event has been nothing short of exciting, filled with enthusiastic and knowledgeable visitors who brought incredible energy to the show. Despite the erratic weather and torrential downpours, our spirits remained high, especially since our Wool Pots were safely displayed inside the Floral Marquee. This strategic location allowed us to engage with attendees without worrying about the unpredictable elements outside.

One of the highlights of our day was welcoming two school trips to our stand. The students were fascinated by our Wool Pots and deeply moved by the conversation on plastic pollution. It was a heartening experience to see young minds so engaged and eager to learn about sustainable gardening solutions. Wool Pots offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plant pots, and it's inspiring to witness the next generation's enthusiasm for reducing plastic waste in gardening.

We also had a delightful surprise when Charlie from Eggs and Fluff joined us at the stand. His presence was a tremendous help, especially during the busy periods. Charlie's expertise and cheerful demeanor added to the overall positive atmosphere, making the experience enjoyable for both our team and the visitors.

The event showcased an incredible array of new plants, many of which we had never seen before. The gorgeous grasses, vibrant ladybird poppies, and bursts of color from surrounding stalls added a mesmerizing visual appeal to the show. It's always exciting to discover new varieties and imagine how they might thrive in Wool Pots, enhancing their beauty and sustainability.

However, not everything went smoothly. Our sum-up machine, overwhelmed by the sheer number of transactions, decided to lock us out. It was a bit of a hiccup, but Tom handled the situation with grace, having a very polite and patient conversation with the support team. We're optimistic that this issue will be resolved swiftly, ensuring seamless transactions for the remainder of the event.