Wool Pots FAQs

How do I use Wool Pots?

Just like a normal pot, fill with compost and plant your seeds or cuttings, water and watch your plants grow. When the plant is big enough to plant out in your garden just dig a hole and pop the whole plant in. Make sure you leave the rim of the Wool Pot proud of the soil as wool is a natural slug and snail deterrent.

How big are Wool Pots?

The most common sized pots in the UK are 9cm and 13cm. Wool Pots are made at 9cm and stretch to 13cm – just put more compost in! we are prototyping larger sizes and will let you know when they are ready.

How do I water my Wool Pots?

We have our Wool Pots in a trough or in terracotta dishes and after the initial watering from the top we then water from the bottom as wool will wick up the moisture and keep it inside, this also helps draw the roots downwards.

How long do Wool Pots take to break down?

Once the Wool Pots are in the soil they start to breakdown very quickly and within 6-7 weeks they are delicious plant food. In a greenhouse and watered from the bottom Wool Pots can last several months before they need to be planted out – the plants will let you know when they are ready… you will see roots start to poke out of the bottom.

Are you on social media?

Yes, find us on Instagram at woolpots.uk (look for our logo) a great place to go for lovely photos of Wool Pots and baaad sheep jokes! Also find us on Facebook at Wool Pots.

Who are the Campaign for Wool?

They are an amazing organisation who promote the use of wool globally and we are very proud to be members.

How Long will it take to receive my Wool Pots?

As soon as your order is received our fulfilment company package up your order and put it on an over night courier so you should receive you order within a couple of days.

How much is the Postage and Packing?

Postage and Packing starts from €6 and is delivered via courier.

A top tip…

When you plant your Wool Pots with seeds or cuttings always make sure you leave a gap between the pots as this will mean they naturally “air prune??? as we know plants are very sociable and if the pots touch the roots intermingle and this will break down the pots much more quickly.